Sunday, April 15, 2007

Get a Mac Commercial "Out of the Box" / First Print ad (1996)

In this commercial, the Mac and PC are in boxes discussing what they will do when they are unpacked. The Mac claims that he can get started right away, the PC is held up by the numerous activities he must complete before commencing. Mac eventually leaves to get right to work, whereas PC is forced to wait for parts that are still in other boxes. I chose the commercial, because I thought it was hilarious; along with the other ads. The PC is depicted as being stuffy and very formal while the Mac is more laid back and hip. The simplicity of the white background adds to the overall appeal of the commercial. The actors representing the Mac and the PC are the main focal points in the TV ad. Apple's main target audience for the "Get a Mac" commercials are the younger crowd (under 45). Apple pitches the "cool factor" to its consumers. Older people probably wouldn't respond as well to these commercials as easily as the younger crowd would. The commercial ads helped make the Mac systems more popular than ever. Apple shipped a total of 1.606 million Macs during the quarter, representing 43 percent of the company's total revenue. This included sales of 969,000 notebooks and 637,000 desktop systems. Overall, Mac sales rose 28 percent in units and 40 percent in revenue year-over-year. Constantly, Mac unit sales were flat while Mac revenue rose by 9 percent. Mac has out grown the overall PC market for 8 of the last 9 quarters.

This is possibly the first print ad of the Mac vs PC campaign.This was found in a 1996 issue of MacAddict. These are not the original people from the current "Get a Mac" commercials.

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