Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nuveen Investment Commercial: Christopher Reeve/ Print ad 2000

When I first saw this commercial 7 years ago for a second I thought Christopher Reeve was actually walking, but her wasn't; it was computer generated. This TV ad was for Nuveen Investments and it was set in the future. The man speaking is discussing all the things that have been accomplished medically in the future dealing with AIDS, Cancer, and spinal cord injuries. I thought this commercial was really cool, because it digitally showed "Superman" being able to walk in the future. That shows that he still had hope that he would one day walk again. This campaign in my opinion was geared toward business people who are familiar with investments; but also those with spinal cord injuries, because by them showing Christopher Reeves walking, that gave hope to others in the same situation he was in. I don't think there revenue changed that much from this commercial, but it showcased the name of the company.

Print Ad from Nuveen Investments

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